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Metal ceramic composite grinding roller and liner plate

Product description

Nantong Gaoxin spend 210000000 yuan is committed to electric power, cement, steel and other industries made lining solutions wear plate mill roll sleeve and the grinding disc, ceramic particle reinforced base wear-resistant composite material is the use of high strength, high melting point, high hardness of the particles themselves, protect the body from being abraded, and metal base of excellent toughness plays the particles together and support the role of the two particles, synergistic effect, the perfect combination, which is abrasion resistant super.

1 ceramic particle hardness of HV2100~3200.
2 service life than that of high chromium cast alloy, welding repair improve 2-3 times.
3 the unique structural design, can be repaired, recycled, research and development of the patented technology to solve the wear problem successfully achieved a major breakthrough, to the relevant areas of the users welcome news. Can significantly reduce downtime, improve work efficiency, reduce the consumption of the spare parts, bring huge economic benefits to the vast number of users.
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